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Jim Smith
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Milton von Damm – Treasurer JSS
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  1. Dec 13, 2017
    Just saw your request. Appendix B in Dale Morgan’s book “Jedediah Smith and the opening of the West has letters.

    1. Hi John,

      I just got a phone call from Marti W. and she will help you find my article and the Map. As mentioned, the Society is presently working on a interactive map that will be available next year on this web site. If you would like something showing all Jedediah’s travels, I can email a ruff map. If you do, please email me a note and I’ll email you back this map. Marti has my phone number also and you are welcome to call.

    2. A map committee is putting finishing touches on an updated map that will be available online in an interactive form and may also have some maps printed that will be suitable for framing. No cost information yet. Milt von Damm

  2. Hello, My ancestor Francis A Lemont (1812-1895) was on board the brig Owyhee in 1929 with Capt. Dominis and others including Levi Young who was written about in your “Jedediah Smith and the Brig Owhyhee at Fort Vancouver” written by Jim Hardee in the Winter 2015 newsletter. I would like to know if you have a copy of the letter that was written June, 10, 1829 that Carol Kirchner of Kirkland Washington loaned for the article.
    Thank you, Joanne LeMont Pellham, St. Helens, Oregon

  3. Hi there. I live in New Zealand and have had a life-long fascination with the ‘mountain men’ and Jedediah Smith in particular (I am a white haired old fool as my wife would call me by the way!). I have read about and heard of several letters that Jedediah wrote to various people and also some addressed to him that are in existence but the only one I can find, either as an original copy or a transcript, is the one to William Clark. I have searched high and low and cannot locate them. Do you know if these exist on-line and if so can you point me or pass on a link to me please?
    I enjoy reading your website and in particular the newsletters that come out and wish to offer my heartiest congratulations for the work you are doing – I just wish I would win a lottery or some such thing so I could partake in one of the re-enactments or your meetings. Ah well! This is the stuff drams are made of!!

    I look forward to your reply and hopefully with some helpful information for me.

    Cheers and many thanks.
    John Finlayson

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