Membership Benefits 

  • Quarterly newsletters via email
  • Membership meetings – twice a year
  • The opportunity to share research and offer presentations

Membership is open to any person, corporation, association or other legal entity. The Society offers several categories of membership.

STUDENT MEMBER: anyone under 18 years of age—-$10.00

REGULAR MEMBER: includes head of household, spouse and children living at home—-$30.00

SPONSOR: minimum contribution—-$50.00
PATRON: minimum contribution—-$100.00

Any individual over 18 years of age may be a voting member of the Society, and is eligible for Society offices.
Corporate members may vote but are not eligible to hold office.

Membership: Jan. 1 to Dec 31.
Those joining mid-year are paid through the following year.

If you are interested in receiving a membership application, please click on the link below ;

Membership Application

Send your completed application to our business office at:

Jedediah Smith Society
1322 Shattuck Ave. Apt 401
Berkeley, CA 94709
email Milton von Damm at  if you have questions.

A membership packet will be sent to you upon receipt of your check.


An Appeal for Donations –
Are there others that would consider this?

One of our Board of Directors and past President, John Talbot,
recently donated $5,000 to the Scholarship Fund in hope that this action would stimulate others to follow suit. Thank you, John!

An organization dedicated to learning about and sharing the history of Jedediah Smith and other explorers and mountain men.