Jedediah Smith Society

A California non-profit organization founded January, 1957, with these objectives:

To acquire, preserve, and make available for scholarly research and public display the original journals, letters, records and personal belongings of Jedediah Strong Smith, 1799-1831, early American explorer, cartographer, and mountain man;

To encourage scholarly research and writing, with particular emphasis on the accomplishments of Jedediah S. Smith and other early fur traders and explorers, by offering appropriate awards, scholarships and grants for meritorious study and research;

To foster, through public meetings, publications, or other events or activities, appropriate and effective educational programs to promote public awareness and understanding of the career and accomplishments of Jedediah S. Smith and other early fur traders and explorers.

The Society holds two regular membership meetings per year, one in April at the time of the California History Institute at UOP, and a fall “rendezvous” in late September, early October or November at a historic location on or near one of Jed Smith’s known campsites. In addition, the Board of Directors meets on call.

The business office of the Society is:
Jedediah Smith Society
1322 Shattuck Ave.,  Apt 401
Berkeley, CA 94709

The Society is headed by a president and other officers elected annually, by a board of directors elected every three years.

Term beginning April 22, 2022 and ending on December 31 of the applicable year.

President             Milton von Damm          2023

Vice President    Rich Cimino                      2024

Castor Editor       Joe Green                         2025

Treasurer             Arthur Hurley                  2025

Secretary              Daryl Morrison               2023

Board member   James Aherns                  2024

Board member   James O’Callahan           2025

Board member   Robert Zybach                 2024


Emeriti  Board Member   Joe Molter

Emeriti  Board Member   Wayne Knauf


Click here to see photos of our past Rendezvous and Upcoming Events 

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