These assignments will work at every grade-level:

Dancer of the Hidatsa Dog Society, Karl Bodmer

Lesson One

  • Have your students locate a photo or illustration of a famous Indian and replicate this image in drawing or painting.
  • Display your students’ work on your classroom walls or in the hallways, with the name of famous Indian at the bottom of the artwork.

Lesson Two

  • Visit a local art museum that displays art work about or by Native Americans. Ask the museum docent to explain some of the art pieces to your students.
  • Present art about or by Indians on your classroom screen. Mention the artist by name and the meaning of the work.
  • Or have students use the internet to locate art work about or by Indians. Students could then discuss their own interpretations of a particular work while projecting a photo of the work on your screen for all to see.

Here are some artists to consider:

By Indians . . .

Joan Hill
Frank Buffalo Hyde
Nocona Burgess
Oscar Howe
Allan Houser
Kay WalkingStick
Fritz Scholder
Duane Slick
T. C. Cannon
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

About Indians . . .

Albert Bierstadt
Charles Marion Russell
Frederic Remington
George Catlin
Karl Bodmer
Alfred Jacob Miller

Hopi Kachina Doll