Links and Guidelines for the Four Interactive Maps

  • When you open the desired interactive map, you will see one or more overview maps of a portion of Jed Smith’s travels, divided by location and date.
  • You may zoom in and out of the overview maps with the (+) and (–) boxes in the corner or just hold the Ctrl key and roll the scroll wheel on your mouse.
  • The map may be clicked and dragged to move around while zoomed in. Note: On some trail maps that cover a very large area, the trail overview may not be apparent in the initial overview. In that case, zoom out (–) until the trail becomes visible.
  • To view the map full screen, click the “View Full-Size Route” button below the overview map. The map will open in a new tab in your browser.
  • Beaver icons mark points of interest on the trail. Click on one of these icons to display a brief summary of the location. A photograph may accompany the summary. Double clicking on the picture will give you a full screen view of that photo plus give you the opportunity to view a second photo if such a photo is present.
  • Directional arrows indicate the direction of travel on the current path. Star symbols indicate which maps show Smith’s travels immediately before and after the current map.
  • When done viewing a full-screen map, simply close its browser tab by clicking the (x) on the tab at top.