Castor Canadensis, Spring 2009 to Present

These issues of Castor are available for downloading in PDF format.

Castor Fall 2023. Vol. 2, no. 2. Lance Holter, “Traveling the Shell Trade Highway with Indigenous People, Francisco Garcés, and Jedediah Strong Smith.” Joe Green, “Jose Bandini’s Description of California in 1828 and the Dispute between José Maria Echeandia and Jedediah Smith.”

Castor Spring 2023. Vol. 2, no. 1. Bob Zybach, “The 2023 Jedediah Smith Society Rendezvous.” Bob Zybach, “Excerpts from the 2023 Rendezvous Guidebooks.” Jim Ahrens, “The Jedediah Smith Bakersfield Monument.” William G. White, “A Matter of Timing: George Simpson and Jedediah Smith.”

Castor Fall 2022. Vol. 1, no. 1. William G. White, “Jedediah Smith Outward Bound Via the Columbia River, 1829.” Jerry Enzler, “Bridger Discovers the Great Salt Lake, 1824-1825,” excerpted from Enzler’s Jim Bridger: Trailblazer of the American West by permission of University of Oklahoma Press.

Castor Winter 2022 Charles L. Camp, “Jedediah Smith’s First Far-Western Expedition.”
Rpt. from Castor (Winter 2013) with editor’s notes and additions by Kevin Kucera).

Castor Fall 2021 Raymund Wood, “Jedediah Smith, a Protestant in Catholic California.”
(Rpt. from Pacific Historian 21, no. 3 (Fall 1997).

Castor Summer 2021 William G. White, “Richard Leland/Layland—1828 Umpqua Massacre Survivor.”

Castor Spring 2021 Milton von Damm, “Trade Kettles in the Fur Trade.”

Castor Winter 2020-21 Kevin Kucera, “The Kansas Nebraska Question: Continued…”

Castor Fall 2020 Kevin Kucera, “Jedediah Strong Smith: Riverman.”

Castor Summer 2020 Jim Stebinger, “Jedediah Smith in Popular Culture: Frontier Fighters and The Romance of The Ranchos.”

Castor Spring 2020 David L. Ferch, “Fighting the Smallpox Epidemic of 1837-38: The Response of the American Fur Company Traders.”

Castor Winter 2019-2020 Gail DeBuse Potter, “Trading Posts of the Central Plains.”

Castor Fall 2019 O.N. Eddins, “Indian Horse and American Western Expansion.”

Castor Spring-Summer 2019 Mark William Kelly, The Hallowed Death Tale of Jedediah Strong Smith: Circumstance, Fact and Fabrication.”

Castor Winter 2018-19  Joe Green, “Jedediah Smith, Human.”  Dale L. Morgan, “Jedediah Smith Today.” Rpt. with permission from The Pacific Historian 11, no. 2 (Spring 1967).

Castor Fall 2018 Clay Landry, “Trappers’ Cache: Trade Goods, Equipment and Clothing of the William Ashley and Jedediah Smith.”

Castor Summer 2018 Andy Hahn, “The Life and Archive of Robert Campbell (1804-1879).”

Castor Spring 2018 Eli Idec, “Bluffs, Beavers and Bullets: The Explorations of Jedediah Smith and His Contributions Toward the Realization of Manifest Destiny.”

Castor Winter 2017-18 Richard H. Dillon, “Grizzly Adams: A Man To Match Our Mountains.”

Castor Fall 2017 David Malaher, “Comparing David Thompson, Wilson Price Hunt and Jedediah Smith.”

Castor Summer 2017 Lillian A. Smith, “The Namesake of Jedediah Strong Smith (Part 2).”

Castor Winter 2016 -17 Lillian A. Smith, “The Namesake of Jedediah Strong Smith (Part 1).”

Castor Fall-2016 Richard L. Dyer, “Jedediah Strong Smith: Trails West (Part 3).”

Castor Summer-2016 Richard L. Dyer, “Jedediah Strong Smith: Trails West (Part 2).”

Castor Spring 2016 Richard L. Dyer, “Jedediah Strong Smith: Trails West (Part 1).”

Castor Winter 2015 Jim Hardee, “Jedediah Smith and the Brig Owhyhee at Fort Vancouver.”

Castor Fall 2015 Howard C. Lewis, “The Fur Trade (Part 3).”

Castor Summer 2015 Howard C. Lewis, “The Fur Trade (Part 2).”

Castor Spring 2015 Howard C. Lewis, “The Fur Trade (Part 1).”

Castor Fall 2014 Lancaster Pollard, editor. “Site of the Smith Massacre on July 14, 1828.”

Castor Summer 2014 Troy S. Tuggle, “SMITTY: The Living Legacy of Jedediah and Peter Smith.”

Castor Spring 2014 Joe J. Molter, “Things Learned Pursuing the Reestablishment of Monument No. 660.” Address to the Jedediah Smith Society, March 15, 2014.

Castor Winter 2014 Stephen Darley, “1826 Fur Trade Rendezvous in Cache Valley.”

Castor Fall 2013 Jim Hardee, “Historical Use of the Term Mountain Man.”

Castor Summer 2013 “Captain Jedediah Strong Smith: A Eulogy of That Most Romantic and Pious of Mountain Men, First American by Land into California.” Rpt. Illinois Magazine (June 1833).

Castor Spring 2013 Lee Davis, “Tracking Jedediah Smith Through Hupa Territory.

Castor Winter 2013 Charles L. Camp, “Jedediah Smith’s First Far-Western Expedition.”

Castor Fall 2012 Joe J. Molter, “Jedediah Smith’s Contributions to Early Western Botanical Science, Confirmed!”

Castor Summer 2012 Joe J. Molter, “Jedediah Smith’s Buenaventura Farewell: A Trail Study of Jed’s Route as He Departed the North End of the Sacramento Valley in 1828.”

Castor Spring 2012 Timothy G. Anderson, “Memorializing a Mountain Man: John G. Neihardt, Doane Robinson, and Jedediah Smith.”

Castor Winter 2011-12 Stephen Darley, “Jedediah Smith’s Great Grandfathers.”

Castor Fall 2011 Joe Molter, “The Avila Adobe, The House Jedediah Slept In.”

Castor Summer 2011 Stephen Darley, “New Jedediah Strong Smith Family Details with Some Inaccuracies Corrected.”

Castor Fall-Winter 2010 Spring 2011 Roger Williams, “Jedediah Strong Smith’s Lands Purchased by Ralph Smith in Ohio.”

Castor Summer 2010 Roger Williams, “William Lewis Sublette’s Big Farm.”

Castor Spring 2010 Roger Williams, “William Lewis Sublette’s Big Farm.”

Castor Winter 2009 Joe J. Molter, “Fall Rendezvous.”

Castor Spring 2009 Aaron Woodward, “Senator Thomas Benton and the American Fur Trade.”